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Dor Friedman Music Composer

Dor Friedman is composer for media with vast experience in the field of music for films, television and video games.offering clients to enjoy Orchestral/ range of musical styles in top quality production levels with personal attention and availability to every project..

Friedman work for Composition of a children's animated TV program, named "Crystal Ball" that was sold to "Fox" network, 
75 minutes of music for a TV series,The score was orchestral, and was based on the classical music methods. 
Composition of songs and score of a pilot for a TV project for children, made by a local 
production company to be sold to overseas markets. The show was about the history of Jesus and the beginning of Christianity and included songs and variety of music styles, Friedman's children play "The Elephant who wanted to be The Best" music score, was successful and runs in theaters till today. 
Friedman is known in the Epic Orchestral Trailer Music, and worked with the award nominated composer Udi Harpaz, which sold their music to companies such as MegaTrax and Sonoton(Germany), And Warner Chappell (UK).

Born in Israel, 1980, Dor Friedman has been studying music and playing the violin and percussion since the age of 5. 

By the age of 13, he was entirely focused on music - working in recording studios, composing music for theater and scoring student films.
As a composer, Friedman's desire and inspiration to create music for media has been apparent since early childhood - in his passion for the soundtracks of 90's video games and the music of Maestro Hans Zimmer, as well as his own thematic, story-telling musical endeavors.

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